Hello 👋, I'm

Ranjit Shrestha

a software engineer and Tech Lead at Featherwebs Pvt Ltd.
Specializing in Flutter and diverse coding languages. Join me in the world of innovation and technology!

About me

Experienced mobile application developer since 3 years. I primarily use flutter but picking up new languages or framework is not a problem.I have built several production applications for national and international clients. I've been working as a Flutter Instructor and trainer as well. My bread and butter is Flutter but I am also comfortable with Wordpress theme development, React, Laravel and Python.

Work experience

Tech Lead
Featherwebs Pvt Ltd, Lalitpur
2023 - Present

As the Tech Lead at Featherwebs, I play a pivotal role in leading our technical team to success, driving innovation, and ensuring the delivery of high-quality software solutions. My responsibilities include overseeing the development of our digital products, managing project timelines, and providing technical guidance to our team of developers.

Flutter Developer
Featherwebs Pvt Ltd, Lalitpur

As a Solo Flutter Developer at Featherwebs, I was at the forefront of our mobile application development efforts, responsible for the creation and maintenance of high-quality Flutter-based applications. My role encompasses a range of responsibilities aimed at delivering exceptional user experiences and driving the success of our digital products.


Bachelor of Science & Information Technology
Kathmandu BernHardt College, Bafal, Kathmandu
2015 - 2019

Higher Education (+2)
Liverpool International College, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
2013 - 2015

School Leaving Certificate (SLC)
Shree Sanskrit & General Higher Secondary School, Dhading
2003 - 2013

Personal projects

Explore some of the projects I've worked on in my free time.

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IPO Notification:

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Nepal Quest

Nepal's Constitution Handbook

This app provides you with the constitution of Nepal in both English and Nepali languages.

Local Level Details

Get detailed information about all the local levels in Nepal with their respective areas, population and contact details.

National Anthem

Listen to the national anthem of Nepal and learn the lyrics with the help of this app.

Play Quiz

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